The Cities With The Worst Traffic

Next time you find yourself stuck in Miami’s infamous traffic jams, count your blessings that you are not in Istanbul, Turkey: according to a recent study reported in CNN, that city has the worst traffic in the world, at 125 hours annually!

This is based on research by TomTom, the GPS maker, which took 9 trillion measurements from its widely used products to gather the data. So the results are likely pretty accurate.

The runners up were Moscow and St. Petersburg, both in Russia; Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world; Chongqing, China, another massive and fast-growing city; Recife, Brazil; Bucharest, Romania; Rio De Janiero; Shenzhen, China; and finally – and unsurprisingly – Los Angeles.

The pattern shows that most of the worst affected areas are populous, sprawling, and fast-growing metropolises in the developing world; in other words, places adjusting to more economic and population growth, which together put more cars on the road.

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