Thanksgiving Traffic in Miami

Thanksgiving is next week, which means over 40 million drivers will be hitting the roads to spend the holiday with their friends and loved ones, and some have already started making their journey.  With the increased amount of traffic during Thanksgiving and Miami’s notoriety when it comes to congestion, it’s worth taking a look at where the city ranks.

According to Google Maps, Miami just managed to make the top ten for the amount of Thanksgiving week traffic, ranking in tenth place.  Despite the placement, the city managed to rank lower than it did last year when it came in sixth place.

Although Miami dropped a couple of places, Thanksgiving will likely remain congested.  Drivers that choose to wait the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will probably experience the worst traffic, especially if they head out between 3 pm and 5 pm.  Should you wish to avoid the majority of this traffic, it may be a good idea to leave for your destination on Tuesday, the second worst day for traveling.

Somewhat surprisingly, Thanksgiving Day is typically the lightest when it comes to traveling, so that may be another option to consider should you wish to avoid traffic.  Regardless of when you decide to leave, if you do in fact plan on driving, always be vigilant on the roads and follow the traffic laws.

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