Texting While Driving Ban Closer to a Reality

textingAfter years of getting nowhere in regards to creating more stringent distracted driving laws, Florida House bigwigs are set to introduce a bill this week that may finally turn texting while driving into a primary offense, according to a 10 News article.

Should the bill come to pass, law enforcement officers would be able to stop a driver if they catch him or her texting while driving. As we’ve previously stated, texting while driving remains a secondary offense in Florida, which means a driver would have to be pulled over for a different offense before they can be cited for texting and driving. This offense carries a $20 fine but no points to a driver’s license.

Florida House Speakers believe it’s about time Florida joins the 40+ states that currently recognize texting while driving as a primary offense, but only while keeping civil rights protections intact. That means officers would be required to obtain a warrant before they can access or confiscate a driver’s phone as well as being required to inform drivers of their right to refuse to have their phone searched.

The 10 News article also mentions a study worth mentioning as it reinforces how beneficial tougher distracted driving laws may be in Florida. After Oklahoma implemented its texting ban, crashes due to distracted drivers ended up dropping.

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