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Florida Licenses Receive Upgraded Security

Hochman 2Did you renew your Florida driver’s license recently or will you be doing so in the near future? You may have noticed some tweaks to the design. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recently announced some revamped features aimed at improving the security of driver’s licenses, which already underwent significant security changes when they were redesigned back in 2017.

Some of the new security changes Florida motorists can expect to see include a tactile security feature found on the front of the license. Additionally, the common magnetic strip located on the back of the card has been removed.

For those wondering about the security tweaks to the licenses, the changes do not necessarily mean that you have to go out and have your license replaced as soon as possible. The older cards will simply be phased out and drivers will receive one of the enhanced security licenses when it is time to have it renewed or replaced due to reasons such as a looming expiration date.

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Moving to Florida: What You Should Know About Your License and Registration

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Will you be moving or did you recently move to Florida? If so, there’s a possibility your driver’s license and vehicle plate belong to a different state. If so, you’ll need to get started with obtaining a Florida license and plate, or you risk receiving a citation.

Per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the law states that a motor vehicle must be registered within ten days of the owner becoming a resident, registering a child in public school, or obtaining employment. To register your vehicle, you’ll first need to obtain a Florida’s driver’s license which can be as easy as successfully passing an eye exam should your existing driving record be clean. Any citations that remain unresolved may result in having to take a driving or written test. A test may also be required if the Florida DMV examiner has potential concerns about your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Besides the eye exam, before you can register your vehicle you’ll also need to obtain a Florida auto insurance policy, and the final step will involve obtaining a copy of your vehicle title. If you own the car you should already have this available, but if it’s being financed or leased then you may need to reach out to the lien holder which could take weeks.

In other words, get started on obtaining your Florida driver’s license as soon as you can, and welcome to The Sunshine State!

This update is brought to you by Miami traffic attorney Hochman & Goldin, P.A.  We can assist you with criminal traffic violations and are ready to answer your questions. Please call 305-665-1000 to speak with a Miami expungement attorney.

Hochman & Goldin, P.A. Specializes Sealing and Expunging Services

Hochman & Goldin, P.A., a South Florida ticket law firm, is now offering the services of a professional Miami Expungement Lawyer, who can assist clients in keeping criminal histories private or out of public scrutiny. These services can be accessed through the firm’s official website at HochmanAndGoldin.com.

As noted on Hochman & Goldin’s website, criminal records are often a significant detriment to an individual’s daily life. Old criminal charges will otherwise remain permanently recorded and publicly accessible, negatively impacting employment opportunities, rental prospects, and one’s social reputation. Even dismissed cases can be harmful, as the instance of an arrest will remain public.

Nevertheless, in the event that a case is dismissed or the client is granted a withhold of adjudication, Hochman & Goldin, P.A. can assisting in the sealing or expunging of those old criminal charges. The client’s arrest will not show up in a background check, and barring only a few exceptions, a sealed or expunged case may be lawfully denied or unacknowledged.

Determining one’s eligibility for sealing or expunging is often difficult for those lacking a legal background; those lacking the expertise of an attorney may end up with an incomplete or faulty application for sealing or expungement, leading to further delays.

Thus, Hochman & Goldin, P.A. is offering to help clients to determine the right course of action regarding their criminal history. The firm’s attorneys will also represent their clients in court, thereby saving time and money. Hochman & Goldin, P.A. also offers professional Miami Traffic Lawyers that can help you resolve a variety of civil traffic issues, from red light cameras to speeding tickets.

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College Student Devises Clever Way to Promote Pedestrian Safety

According to the Republic news organization, students who attend Columbus East High School in Columbus, Indiana have safer crosswalks thanks to the help of a former student. Taylor Chitty, who is currently a junior in college, completed a project in high school that would help with pedestrian safety.

During the senior year of her high school tenure, Chitty decided to carry out her required project for graduation on pedestrian safety. She decided to work on the issue after being hit by a car during her junior year of high school. She worked with a city engineer on the project; while he provided assistance on the effort, most of the work was done by the student.

Because of her project, the state was able to secure additional funding for pedestrian safety that amounted to half a million dollars. As Chitty was instrumental in helping secure the funding, the city allowed her to choose the design for the pedestrian crosswalks.

The six crosswalks will be built by Columbus East High School and will include a number of new pedestrian safety innovations such as flashing yellow lights that signals to cars when pedestrians are walking and a hawkeye that turns the light red when pedestrians are ready to cross.

While the crosswalks use cutting-edge technology to help increase pedestrian safety, there are not the only tool the city is using. They are also utilizing traffic crosswalk guards who help ensure that drivers are following street signs and ensure the safety of pedestrians who are crossing the street. By using personnel and technology, they are able to ensure that the 6 to 11 thousand cars traveling through the intersections won’t be a risk for pedestrians.

Although those in Columbus, Indiana have better street signs to alert passengers, the same can’t be said for Miami which has to catch up on these innovations. Without these innovations, it is often easy to miss a street sign, making drivers unaware of the safety laws in the area putting them at risk of getting a ticket.

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