Speeding Ticket Fines and Penalties in Miami-Dade

According to the Florida DMV, nearly 5 million traffic citations are issued each year, with the majority of these being handed out to drivers who just can’t seem to slow down. The state of Florida does not take speeding violations lightly, and depending on your county, you could be risking hefty fines if you’re caught zipping down the roads too quickly.

Traffic tickets in Florida are handled by individual counties, and the speeding fines will vary slightly depending upon where you are ticketed. There will also be a surcharge attached to your citation – this is a separate court-related fee that the county will assess. Usually these fees aren’t much more than a few dollars, but it’s still extra money that’s coming out of your pocket for a careless mistake.

Miami-Dade County
6-9 MPH Over Limit: $151.00
10-14 MPH Over Limit: $226.00
15-19 MPH Over Limit: $276.00
20-29 MPH Over Limit: $301.00
30 MPH and Over: $376

And that’s not all – each ticket comes with a predetermined number of associated points that will be assessed to your driver’s license. These points cause your insurance rates to skyrocket, and an accumulation of them could lead to license suspension or permanent revocation.

Thankfully, there’s Hochman & Goldin PA. At our firm, we have the most competitive price for our civil traffic infraction services in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties- an amazing $69 flat fee. For this easy price, our qualified Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyers will handle your case efficiently, attend all courtroom appearances for you, and work diligently to get your case dismissed. If you choose to pay the ticket, you must attend and pay for four hours of traffic school, and your infraction will still be entered onto your driving record. We guarantee no points on your license or your money back. The fee is for each civil infraction and does not include court room costs.

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