South Florida’s Future Road Construction

roadConstructionAre you tired of seeing the constant construction on South Florida highways like I-95? It won’t be letting up anytime soon. By the time 2024 arrives, you’re going to find express lanes extending from I-395 in Miami to Delray Beach according to a recent Sun Sentinel article. There are also plans for a pair of flyover bridges intended to connect the express lanes of I-95 with those of I-595 as well as the installation of traffic signals on select I-95 entrance ramps.

The ambitious plans are intended as an effort to tackle the ever-growing traffic situation over the next twenty years. These plans also include expanding I-595 between State Road 7 and I-95, making changes to the State Road 84 and I-95 interchange, and the installation of traffic monitoring cameras plus digital message signs.

The bridges of State Road 84 located over I-95 will see significant changes. The existing support columns will be shifted in order to allow for a wider I-95. The wall of the westbound State Road 84 bridge will undergo rebuilding while the eastbound bridge will include a sidewalk plus bicycle lanes. Drivers can also expect a wider entrance to the northbound I-95 ramp.

For drivers concerned about the construction, the bulk of it will be happening overnight to reduce the inconveniences.

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