Some South Florida Cities Are Relaxing Parking Rules

body-kit-1869892_1920With local, countywide, and national stay-at-home directives in effect as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to escalate throughout Florida, some municipal governments have reduced the number of parking tickets they issue, knowing people are using their vehicles sparingly for critical activities. For example, in the city of Miami, the Miami Parking Authority has entirely ceased issuing meter tickets since March 19. The decision became important as daily business in Miami began to see a significant slowdown.

Miami Beach, on the other hand, continues to issue parking citations. However, the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 has resulted in substantial cuts within the department and a less strict approach when it comes to enforcing parking laws. The city has gotten rid of all pay stations on the curbside and off-street, making mobile payments as the only alternative.

A few cities have made changes so people can park without while picking up food or purchasing critical items. In Coral Gables, for example, residents are allowed about ten minutes to park for free when they visit Miracle Mile, typically with a degree of leeway. Miami Parking Authority has reinvented the curbside spots typically meant for valets into zones for delivery pickup.

Some rules are still being enforced. County police continue to respond to any complaints regarding vehicles being parked in condominium loading zones.

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