Some Brickell Roads Closed For Massive Tunneling Project

If you have traveled to Brickell recently, you may have seen lots of construction cranes going up throughout the neighborhood. Many of those construction crews are busy at work building Brickell CityCentre, a massive multi-use development complex that is among the largest construction projects in the country. While much of the work is above ground, several streets will be closing to begin work underground for a large tunneling project.

According to Miami Today newspaper, part of SE Sixth Street will be closed to allow for construction crews to work on a new phase of the project. The street will be closed from Southeast First to South Miami Avenue through the duration of the phase (which is expected to finish by next April). While many will bemoan that construction has closed down public roads for such a length amount of time, the reasons for the closure are valid. The newspaper reports that Spire, the developer behind the project, has begun on tunneling for a massive underground section of the project.

As part of the underground section of the project, the developer is expected to create almost 2,000 parking spaces underneath the complex; this staggering number of parking places is needed to accommodate the nearly 750,000 square feet of retail space. In addition to the enormous underground parking structure, there will be a number of underground roadways that will help cars navigate the labyrinth of spaces.

With so much construction going on, there’s going to be lots of congestion, road blocks, detours and hazards that drivers will have to navigate. With these various obstacles will likely come a greater chance of drivers getting a traffic ticket as drivers may likely make illegal maneuvers, speed while construction workers are present or other actions that would merit a traffic ticket. If you wish to fight your citation, Hochman & Goldin can connect you with a Miami Traffic Attorney that will fight your case on your behalf. In addition, you can also hire a Miami Expungement Lawyer who can help clear certain cases from your criminal record.

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