Smarter Traffic Lights on US 1

redLightWith Miami’s ongoing traffic woes, the city is always looking for new ways to improve the roadways. One of the most recent of these initiatives is introducing “smart” traffic lights that do a better job of evaluating traffic conditions and adjusting accordingly. Yesterday was the planned rollout of a multimillion-dollar monitoring system involving over ninety cameras responsible for controlling traffic lights across more than thirty different intersections on the eight-mile stretch of US 1 in Miami-Dade County. The newer system is intended to phase out the current system where red and green lights run on automatic cycles using educated guesses of commuting patterns.

After the new system goes live between I-95 and Southwest 98th Street, computers will assume the responsibility of determining when green lights should stay greener longer so that slow-moving traffic can clear out as well as when to extend red lights. The primary goal of the new system is to coordinate the green lights so that traffic can move through the most intersections without being forced to wait long times at cross streets during the rush hour period. These cameras, as well as other sensors, will take into account factors such as how many vehicles are at an intersection and how fast vehicles are traveling.

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