Slow Left Lane Drivers May Increase Road Rage

highway-3392100_1920Driving behind a car that is moving slower than the rest of the flow of traffic is a practically surefire way to increase the odds of road rage among South Florida drivers. When they’re forced to quickly hit the brakes when they are driving in the left lane, drivers can become highly enraged when a car’s speed is unusually slow. This car frequently drives below the speed limit, and even though the driver behind them gently shines their lights to request that they move, they may neglect to change lanes despite the left lane being solely for passing.

Florida Statute 316.081 specifies that slower cars must yield to others who travel quicker, but some drivers either refuse to do so or do not know about it. About 40,000 citations were released between 2014 and 2019 due to drivers failing to heed this law, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Can permanent road signs saying something along the lines of “slower traffic keeps right” help alert drivers of what they should be doing? You may have noticed something similar posted on the various electronic road signs found throughout Florida, but these messages only stick around temporarily.

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