Slow Left Lane Drivers: Don’t Break the Law





highway-1031149_1280A topic we’ve discussed on previous occasions is one that many South Florida drivers are familiar with. You’re minding your own business and driving safely in the left lane for purposes of passing and yet you run into that one driver going too slow who refuses to move out of the way. You may politely flash your lights to get them to move but these efforts go ignored.

These slow left lane drivers are breaking the law, as they are “impeding the flow of traffic” yet it’s seemingly one of those laws that are not strictly enforced, sort of like the license plate covers. Indeed, if a driver is attempting to pass someone in the left lane, they must safely move out of the way and let the driver pass, yet in many cases a driver will stay put or may even become upset and begin driving even slower. This only results in greater chances of road rage and a potential increase in congestion as the left lane is intended to serve as a passing lane.

Remember left lane drivers: if someone comes up behind you, you are legally required to move out of the way.

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