Should You Keep Expired Vehicle Documents?

andras-vas-EeCfOPSeRik-unsplash-1When driving on the Florida roadways, three essential pieces of documentation should be kept with you at all times: your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Each of these will likely need to be renewed at some point, with some requiring renewal earlier than others. For example, vehicle registration must be renewed every one or two years.

Speaking of vehicle registration, what happens once you renew? Are you required to keep the old one around even though it may no longer be valid? It’s true that for things like taxes, it never hurts to keep the previous year’s around, but this is not the same for vehicle registration. In other words, you can safely ditch your expired vehicle registration and keep only the current one.

If you do decide to ditch the vehicle registration, there is one thing you should make sure of and that’s making sure you dispose of it properly. Consider using a paper shredder to ensure the information in the document cannot be read by someone else. Vehicle registrations have a lot of information on them that you may not want a stranger to have access to and shredding is one way to potentially deter someone from getting the information.

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