Self-Driving Cars Are Coming to Miami

0CD456D5-1EE6-4460-9FC6-E7CD3E830DD5Ford has already begun testing a fleet of autonomous vehicles in Miami-Dade County and is partnering with Domino’s Pizza as well as Postmates to deliver to customers. These self-driving cars offer significant benefits: they eliminate the need for tipping, and they do not park illegally when there’s a lack of space. Customers would simply go outside and punch a code into a keypad on the side of a Ford Fusion then reach inside to pull their pizza or any food out of a special warming oven.

Studies suggest that driverless vehicles can make an impact on reducing congestion. This would be quite a necessity in Miami, which was recently listed as the fifth-most congested city in the U.S. as well as the tenth-most in the world by the Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard. In an effort to achieve the best experience for customers, Ford has also partnered with Argo AI, which specializes in understanding and complying with local traffic laws as well as the particular driving habits of residents.

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