Safety on Rickenbacker Causeway a Top Priority

Last week the Miami-Dade County, Miami, and Key Biscayne police departments announced a new traffic safety initiative at a Town Hall Meeting as concern for the residents of the community has become a top priority.  Law enforcement has seen a recent incline of traffic fatalities on the Rickenbacker Causeway and the results were so staggering that they begin to become concerned.  With an emphasis on better enforcing the traffic laws and changing driving behaviors by increasing police activity on the roadway, the hope is that the accidents can be decreased significantly.

Implementation of the program began the first week of March; the initiative consists of a combination of enforcement and education methods.  The three law enforcement departments have deployed more patrol units to the problem area during the peak hours in the mornings and afternoons.  Additionally, there has been talk about adding more DUI checkpoints, as during February police have found four individuals driving under the influence during one of their sobriety checkpoints.  Furthermore, the Key Biscayne police department will hand out traffic safety and drunk driving pamphlets to drivers within the area.  Moreover, they hope to obtain a DUI simulator with grant money or the money received from court costs and fees, for parents and young drivers to use.

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