Road Rules Driver Should Be Aware Of

drivingA common practice you may have noticed among South Florida drivers when attempting to make a left turn is watching them “camp” underneath the light while waiting for a chance to safely make the left turn. This typically happens at intersections where there is a left turn yield sign. Often, the driver is unable to make the left which can often result in the vehicle blocking the intersection or worse, a serious car crash. The practice is highly unsafe and may result in a traffic violation.

Drivers are responsible for determining if they are able to make the left turn. If they are unable to safely complete the left turn, they should wait behind the white line until they are able to do so, even if it means having to wait until the light turns green again.

On an unrelated note, drivers should also keep in mind that if they happen to be transporting cargo that that protrudes at least four feet or more from the rear of their vehicle, they are required by law to place a red flag at the very end of the items being transported. Drivers that may be curious about this law can read more by looking up Florida Statue 316.228.

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