Reasons for Miami-Dade’s Traffic Woes

Is Miami traffic getting you down?  Most people believe that the increased number of vehicles on the road and a transit system that’s generally lacking have contributed towards Miami-Dade’s chronic traffic issues.  However, there are several additional factors going on each day that also contribute towards the daily slowdowns.

Tiny details such as a crew performing tree maintenance on a major road like Coral Way or Crandon Boulevard in the island of Key Biscayne can create traffic tie-ups.  State Road 836 seems to be perennially under some form of construction.  Considering the number of people who depend on it to get around, it can quickly get congested.  Something like a water main break will have a road closed in just a matter of hours.

There are ongoing efforts to alleviate traffic problems in Miami-Dade County.  The $560 million reconstruction of 836 and State Road 826 provided by federal stimulus money is expected to finish next year and will likely help with preventing traffic bottlenecks.  On the other hand, reconstruction of the interchanges between 57th and 17th Avenue is expected to increase traffic by the beginning of next month.

Nightly road closures that are intended to reduce traffic during rush hour aren’t doing any favors for those who travel at night either.  For the time being, while the state and counties work on their roadways, it’s perhaps best to continue to remain patient and leave to your destination with plenty of time.

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