Raining? Don’t Use Your Hazard Lights

elHazardSouth Florida’s rainy season is kicking off soon and that means you may start to see a rather annoying occurrence on the roads: drivers using their hazard lights. In case you didn’t already know, driving with these hazard lights on is considered illegal in Florida, even if it’s raining. Numerous drivers still fail to understand this, thinking that these lights need to be on during a heavy downpour.

Keep this in mind: you’re not doing fellow drivers any favors by driving with your hazard lights on. During a heavy storm, this may actually confuse others by making them think your vehicle is stopped or stalled. Speaking of, it is only when you are, in fact, stopped or stalled or are in an emergency situation that your hazard lights should be on. The only time you can legally drive with the hazard lights on is if you’re part of a funeral procession.

While you may have good intentions by turning on your hazard lights, don’t do it. Not only are you risking the possibility of receiving a ticket for doing something illegal, you’re also unintentionally confusing other drivers and making the roads more dangerous.

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