Place Your Registration Sticker Where It Belongs

flIf you’ve read our previous blogs, you may have been surprised to learn about a case where a driver received a traffic ticket for obscuring their vehicle license plate. Although perhaps not strictly enforced, a law enforcement officer may issue you a ticket if the frame you’re using obscures even a small portion of the tag, such as the website address at the top.

You know what else can potentially lead to a ticket? Where you decide to place the vehicle registration sticker.

By law, drivers are required to place the sticker in the upper right of the vehicle license plate, right next to that aforementioned website address. In fact, most if not all plates nowadays have an indentation in this corner to reinforce or remind drivers where the sticker is supposed to go.

Despite this, there are drivers that choose to place the stickers in other areas of the plate. You may have seen a plate with multiple stickers showing the multitude of stickers the vehicle has accumulated. Not only can this lead to confusion, it is also illegal and may result in a ticket. Failing to place the sticker in the correct spot could potentially mean having to purchase a new one.

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