Palmetto Bay Wants Its Stop Signs Back

stopSignsWhen was the last time you drove through Palmetto Bay? Depending on your last visit, you may have noticed the absence of stop signs at the intersection of Southwest 148th Drive and Southwest 82nd Avenue, which is rubbing Palmetto Bay the wrong way. A resolution was recently passed with the intention of asking Miami-Dade County to reinstall the removed stop signs.

Palmetto Bay residents living near Coral Reef Elementary School believe the lack of stop signs has made the intersection dangerous to pedestrians, with one resident calling the intersection “treacherous”. Residents say that because of the curves in the road and the presence of low hanging trees, visibility is impeded. On top of that, drivers already have a tendency of speeding through the intersection as a way to reduce their drive time by using residential streets. However, Miami-Dade County leaders say that based on the way traffic flows through the area, a four-way stop sign is not necessary.

Until a conclusion is reached, the village of Palmetto Bay has taken the initiative to try and make the intersection a little safer by installing a pair of “Yield to pedestrians” signs.

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