Obtaining a DUI Police Report

dui-40566_1280Should you be charged with a DUI, one of the initial steps to take beyond contacting a DUI lawyer is to request a copy of the police report. This police report could become an invaluable tool in helping you get a better understanding of the alleged charges and it may also prove beneficial in helping your legal representation successfully argue your case in court.

The majority of police reports will include a field sobriety test checklist, a breathalyzer test printout if one is taken, a laboratory report showing the blood or urine test submitted, and a narrative of what the arresting officer observed and what happened. These events will discuss the reasons behind the arrest as well as the driver’s demeanor and how the driver failed one of the impairment tests.

As you read the report, you may disagree with how things are described. While this might seem a cause for concern, getting a copy of the police report is helpful for your case. It will inform you and your lawyer precisely what the officers during the trial. Although you might think the police have a strong case against you, that may not be valid. There may be many reasons why sober people fail their field sobriety tests.

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