North Miami Does Away with Red Light Cameras

The decision to add red light cameras around Miami Dade-County was met with some derision, especially as more and more drivers began to receive citations.  Studies have suggested that red light cameras are not the most effective way of deterring drivers that decide to run a yellow light, and now at least one Miami-Dade mayor is doing something about it.

North Miami Mayor Smith Joseph has decided to do away with the red light camera program, telling residents that “we cannot balance the city’s budget on the backs of our residents” and instead the focus should be concentrated on having a greater amount of police on the streets, not additional red light cameras.  North Miami officially began to do away with its red lights camera yesterday.

The decision to do away with red light cameras comes during a time when their legal future in the state seems a bit hazy.  Up in the city of Hollywood in Broward County, an appeals court ruled that the city’s red light cameras were unconstitutional.  An effort to have the Florida Supreme Court take a look at the case was struck down, allowing the judgment given earlier this year to stand.  The argument stated that police officers are essentially passing on their work to companies that review the footage captured by these cameras instead of police officers issuing citations themselves after reviewing the footage.

How do you feel about the red light cameras and North Miami’s decision to get rid of them?

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