No More Aggressive Drivers!

hochmanFlorida’s Highway Patrol troopers won’t tolerate aggressive highway drivers. They have decided to focus on highway drivers who drive too aggressively around large trucks. Drivers involved in crashes with large trucks can suffer serious injuries because of the size of the trucks. The Florida Highway Patrol will start searching for aggressive highway drivers on June 28th.

If you don’t want to be pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol, then make sure you know these tips.

Don’t drive in a large truck’s blind spot. Truckers can’t see your car if it’s in their blind spot, even though they sit higher off the ground and they have bigger mirrors.

Pass trucks on the left. Passing trucks on the left allows for maximum visibility. They’ll see you clearly and know that you’re there.

Don’t cut off any trucks. Because trucks are so large, they can’t stop as quickly as cars can. Their size makes it dangerous for you to cut off trucks. Make sure you are leaving lots of room in front of a truck when you pull in front of them.

Hopefully, the Florida Highway Patrol’s efforts will stop aggressive drivers from getting into dangerous crashes with larger trucks.

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