New Year’s Parking in Miami Beach

oceanDr (3)With the New Year’s Eve festivities happening soon, many people may be heading to Miami Beach to welcome the arrival of 2020. However, parking is notoriously difficult in the barrier island. A bit of parking advice may make the process easier to manage without getting too stressed.

When parking in one of the South Beach garages, you should know that all of them allow the option of using one the parking apps to pay, in this case ParkMobile. For those preferring cash, none of them accept bills over $20. They each have a minimum daily rate of $2 and a daily maximum rate of $20. However, the garage on 42nd Street is slightly different in that its maximum daily rate is $8.

If you happen to own an electric vehicle, there are a few charging stations at five public garages in Miami Beach, four of which are in the South Beach area.

In finding a parking spot, you may wish to use the power of an app like Google Maps to help you so that you’re not stressing out and driving around aimlessly trying to hunt for open parking. Google Maps can show you lots that are near attractions.

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