New Traffic Patterns on I-95 and I-395

i95If you spent any time driving on I-95 or I-395 this morning, you may have been slightly confused. Starting today, the lanes traveling north and southbound on I-95 that continue eastbound via I-395 have been shifted in a northern direction. Should you drive on these lanes, they will appear to shift to the left.

Drivers needing to get off on Biscayne Boulevard should use Exit 2B if they’re traveling northbound on I-95. On the other hand, drivers heading south on I-95 towards the east on I-395 to get to Biscayne Boulevard will notice a difference. Instead of being on the right, Exit 2A has been moved to the left hand side.

The tweaks to the lanes are part of a much larger, multi-million dollar redesign initiative aimed at alleviating the frequent bottle-necking and traffic congestion issues that these roadways have become notorious for. Hence, if you’ll be traveling on these roads today or this weekend, allow for some extra time while adjusting to the lane changes.

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