New Traffic Pattern Causes Congestion During Morning Commute

If you have been caught in traffic lately, you aren’t alone. Rush hour in Miami can be very brutal with bumper to bumper traffic that can delay you on your trip. But that traffic may even worse than ever with recent construction throughout the city and new traffic patterns that cause delays.

Drivers on Monday morning were inundated by horrible traffic in the Doral area because of a new traffic pattern that was implemented in the area. The traffic pattern is the result of ongoing construction in the area, which has irritated drivers. The traffic pattern is in NW 25th Street between SR 826 and NW 84th Avenue.

The construction in the area is the direct result of the ongoing 826/836 renovation project, a project that has taken years and will likely cost billions of dollars when the final bill is added. The goal of the project is to expand roadways and renovate the highly used highways. In this case, westbound traffic on NW 25th Street was shifted to new travel lanes on the roadway and eastbound NW 25th traffic will be shifted north.

While construction was a factor in the traffic jam in this area, the majority of the backup was the result of the lights not being timed property to accommodate this new traffic pattern. If lights are not timed properly, they can have a severe impact on traffic as was the case. Traffic proceeded to get back to normal around 9:30 am.

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