New Tolls in Miami to Start On November 15th

If you’re a commuter in Miami-Dade County, you may have noticed lots of construction along the Dolphin Expressway and the 112. While much of that can be attributable to general refreshing and land expansions, a significant chunk of the new construction is the result of new tolls that are being erected throughout the expressways. It also calls for the demolition of old toll booths; while toll lanes will still exist where there were, these lanes will be switch to a new system.

The new tolls are to be added at several locations where tolls weren’t collected before. For example, all exits and entrances along the Dolphin Expressway will now include tolls; in addition both sections of the road will now include tolls on the westbound sections that never included tolls before. All of the tolls added utilize the SunPass technology that was deployed in the 2000s, a way for those who go through tolls without stopping allowing drivers to continue to cruise at highway speeds. For those who do not use Sunpass, cameras capture the license plates of cars going through the tolls and those will be sent a bill to their mailing address.

The addition of the tolls is a way for the toll operators to collect on revenue that they were unable to capture before. For example, there were many exits or entrances onto the turnpike that did not have tolls of any kind, meaning that it was possible to exit before or enter after a toll lane so that a driver could avoid collecting a fee. However, the new system avoids this by ensuring everyone pays. All of the tolls including the new ones, which are activated November 15, will feature a slightly lower toll fee to help balance out the increase in toll lanes.

While the new toll lanes are convenient, in some circumstances it is possible for someone to have their license suspended for failing to pay a toll. In this case, it is necessary to call a Miami Traffic Attorney at Hochman & Goldin who can help you get your license reinstated or assist you with other traffic citations or penalties. In addition, the firm can provide you with a Miami Expungement Attorney who can help clear crimes from your record in some circumstances. To learn more about the services Hochman & Goldin provides, contact the firm at (305) 665-1000.

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