New Technology May Lead to Safer Roads, Better Fuel Economy

driver2Technology to improve the roadways remains an ongoing process. From smarter traffic signals to electronic signs that provide real-time updates, efforts continue to make the roads safer for everyone. Over in Gainesville, a company is spearheading an initiative that may make its way to South Florida soon.

Called Connected Signals, the technology provides drivers real-time predictive information regarding current traffic. Drivers are informed when traffic signals will change, which can help with boosting fuel efficiency while also cutting down on crashes due to red lights. Using an app, a driver is better able to decide when to slow down sooner or when to refrain from pressing on the accelerator, allowing them to coast to the traffic light. There is also a “green wave” speed indicator which allows drivers to adjust their speed so that they drive through a series or “wave” of green lights versus having to stop.

Connected Signals is part of an initiative being developed alongside the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The majority of the traffic signals have already been upgraded to use smart signal technology. With the technology, it’s estimated drivers can improve their fuel efficiency by as much as fifteen percent while also reducing crashes involving red lights by more than twenty percent.

There is no word yet on whether Connected Signals will be launched in Miami, but considering it’s being developed with the assistance of the FDOT, it may only be a matter of time.

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