New SunPass and E-ZPass Summer Regulations

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Florida’s new transponder, the SunPass PRO, part of the E-ZPass toll system used in 16 states across the east coast and midwest, will now allow Florida drivers to use one device to process tolls. E-ZPass customers in other states will also be permitted to use transponders throughout Florida.

Before May 2021, SunPass was only to be used in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina but can now be used for any driver in the system – across Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Main, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, Indiana, Rhode Island, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. Minnesota will be the newest addition later this year.

However, this only applies to the SunPass Pro, not the Mini, which only applies to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. No matter which transponder you purchase, ensure you only have one per vehicle, otherwise, you face multiple charges at each toll.

Neither the E-ZPass nor the SunPass are required, but purchasing one will make the cost of driving on the nearly 900 miles of toll roads in Florida much more affordable. Fees are much higher on the toll roads without a pass. If you opt not to purchase either, your car will be marked at the automatic stations, and bills will be received in the mail.

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