New Plans for Suspended Driver’s Licenses

hochman-1There are over 14 million registered drivers in Florida, and 2 million of them have suspended licenses. However, many people have their licenses suspended for issues that don’t have anything to do with driving. They also often don’t realize that their license is suspended.

To combat this problem, the State Senator Jeff Brandes is sponsoring a bill that reduces the number of non-driving offenses that can end up suspending your license. It will also offer community service and payment plans to people who can’t pay the fines.

Drivers can get their licenses suspended for a lot of reasons, like failing to pay child support, failing to pay court fees, skipping traffic school, missing a court date, and having your check bounce.

People who get caught driving with a suspended license might not be able to pay the fees. Then more late fees might start piling up. Drivers might not be able to pay the fees all at once, and they can’t drive to work so they can earn money. Hopefully this new bill will change that cycle.

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