New Auto Insurance Bill Could Cause Higher Insurance Premiums

Hochman BlogThe new Senate Bill 54 bill is estimated to cause a rise of $344 on average for Florida auto insurance. SB 54 plans to eliminate no-fault or personal injury protection insurance, or PIP for short. Instead of paying these premiums, drivers would need to buy bodily injury insurance coverage. Insurance companies for at-fault drivers would need to pay out up to $25,000 for any injuries that resulted from automobile crashes.

PIP covers expenses for medical bills, lost wages, and funeral costs if necessary after accidents regardless of who is at fault. This insurance even applies to auto accidents that would require you to have a red light camera violation attorney and those that occur when you’re not driving, such as a pedestrian-auto accident. PIP does not cover property damage, the other person’s injuries, or injuries from an accident if you were committing a crime.

Bodily injury protection insurance helps those who are legally responsible for auto accidents. It helps pay the cost of injuries for passengers in the other vehicle and their loss of income, as well as your own legal fees.

Florida is among the top ten states for uninsured drivers, driving the urge for the bill to pass, including cutting down on litigations, in which you might need a Miami traffic attorney. However, some believe the bill will be harmful to lower-income drivers who could see a 40 percent increase in the cost of premiums.

The governor of Florida has yet to decide if SB 54 will pass or not.

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