Navigate Florida Speeding Tickets with a Miami Traffic Lawyer

Florida Speeding Tickets Miami Traffic Lawyer

If you are a Florida driver recently served with a speeding ticket, you might be wondering, “what is next?” Being that the Sunshine State’s traffic regulations are highly strict, it’s crucial to be armed with relevant information to defend your rights and protect your driving privileges. For this reason, engaging a seasoned Miami traffic attorney should be among your initial action points.

Florida operates its speeding ticket penalties on a points system. For every infraction you get, points are added to your driver’s license depending on several variables including your driving speed and your driving history. The specific ticket circumstance plays a pivotal role in determining the possibility of point reduction or dismissal. Certain interventions, such as enrolling for a defensive driving course, could help you lessen the impact of accumulated points on your record.

Should your amassed points exceed the legal limit, brace for penalties like license suspension or revocation. The other plausible outcomes are imposing fines, potential jail time, and alarmingly, your car insurance premiums may spiral upwards if your points accumulate within a strikingly short period. Such repercussions intensely accentuate the need for retaining the expertise of a Miami traffic ticket lawyer whenever you receive a speeding ticket.

These seasoned legal experts help in dissecting the complexity of your situation by helping you grasp the scope of your rights and propose defense strategies if your case proceeds to court. Further, a knowledgeable Miami traffic attorney can assist in exploring options of point reduction or even achieving ticket dismissal altogether.

Staying ahead of the curve when contending with Florida speeding tickets boils down to updating your knowledge on current laws and regulations. Aside therefrom, having a Miami traffic ticket lawyer on your side serves to better your chances of safeguarding your rights and significantly mitigate your speeding ticket’s impact. 

At Hochman & Goldin, P.A., our experienced Miami traffic ticket lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in defending clients who have been issued traffic tickets. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn how Hochman & Goldin, P.A. can help you fight your traffic ticket.

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