Moving to Florida: What You Should Know About Your License and Registration

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Will you be moving or did you recently move to Florida? If so, there’s a possibility your driver’s license and vehicle plate belong to a different state. If so, you’ll need to get started with obtaining a Florida license and plate, or you risk receiving a citation.

Per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the law states that a motor vehicle must be registered within ten days of the owner becoming a resident, registering a child in public school, or obtaining employment. To register your vehicle, you’ll first need to obtain a Florida’s driver’s license which can be as easy as successfully passing an eye exam should your existing driving record be clean. Any citations that remain unresolved may result in having to take a driving or written test. A test may also be required if the Florida DMV examiner has potential concerns about your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Besides the eye exam, before you can register your vehicle you’ll also need to obtain a Florida auto insurance policy, and the final step will involve obtaining a copy of your vehicle title. If you own the car you should already have this available, but if it’s being financed or leased then you may need to reach out to the lien holder which could take weeks.

In other words, get started on obtaining your Florida driver’s license as soon as you can, and welcome to The Sunshine State!

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