Mothers Against Drunk Driving Adds Drugged Driving to Their Mission Statement

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has officially included drugged driving to their mission statement, and has launched its first tagline: No More Victims.

This tagline is made to explain the organization’s overall mission that no one die because of a drunken or drugged driver.

MADD is celebrating their 35 anniversary and their latest statement is now “MADD’s mission is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking.”

In addition to their latest changes in their mission, the group also has a new national president, Colleen Sheehey-Church. Sheehey-Church is also the first president of MADD who is also a victim of a drunken and drugged driver. Her son Dustin died when a drunk and drugged teen crashed her vehicle into a river, which trapped Dustin inside. So, 10 years ago, Sheehey-Church, who lives in Conneticut, joined the efforts of MADD, a year after her son’s death.

Presently, MADD has set a five-year strategic plan that started this year and includes reaching and serving more victims and gaining progress on the campaign to eliminate drunken driving and seeing a 25 percent decrease in drunken driving fatalities.

The most recent statistics in 2013 show that national drunken driving deaths topped 10,000.

MADD is the country’s largest nonprofit organization that works to eliminate driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, support the victims and prevent underage drinking.

The mission at MADD is one that is so important and the group continues to do really incredible work around the country.

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