More Information on the Recent Ruling Regarding Red-Light Cameras

A recent red-light camera ruling involving the city of Hollywood is also set to affect the rest of Florida. The ruling from the Fourth District Court of Appeals is believed to affect any citation that’s still pending or citation issued after the ruling. What is difficult to say now is how the ruling will affect citations that have already been paid or settled, though it seems the city of Hollywood should offer refunds in these situations.

In the ruling, that took place on October 15th, a three-judged panel ruled that the the city of Hollywood violated state law by relying on a private company to issue red light camera citations on its behalf. At this point, the city may or may not ask for a re-hearing or to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

This ruling does apply statewide and appears to invalidate all red-light ticket programs that uses the same process as Hollywood, however other cases like this one in Florida has yet to be reported.

If you have received a citation because of red light cameras within the city of Hollywood that is still pending or was issued after the October 15th ruling, it would be a good idea to look into this ruling.

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