More Controversy Surrounding Red Light Cameras

Since their widespread implementation a few years ago, red light cameras have been the subject of intense scrutiny and condemnation by both the media and everyday drivers. Not only are they said to cause losses of time and money through unfair camera ticketing, but they have been faulted for increasing car accidents – one of the main things they were designed to address.

As a recent report by WTSP in Tampa Bay found, the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is under fire for choosing not include this sort of data it in its annual review of Florida’s red light camera (RLC) program.

10 Investigates first reported in January how this year’s DHSMV annual RLC summary failed to address crash stats for the first time. But public records obtained by 10 Investigates reveal the agency conducted an analysis and just chose not to include it.

According to agency reports, 24 of 49 cities and counties that reported crash stats last year indicated “sideswipe” crashes went up at red light camera intersections since installing the technology. Five municipalities reported no change, while only 20 reported decreases since installing the cameras.

And 30 of 47 cities and counties reported “rear-end” collisions increased at RLC intersections after the cameras were installed; only 14 reported decreases, while 3 reported no change.

To top it all off, most cities and counties in Florida reported that the rate of crashes at non-monitored intersections dropped in recent years, further undermining the safety claim of red light cameras.

While the DHSMV claims these data are inconclusive, a public already increasingly in opposition to red light cameras will likely remain firmer in their stance.

However you feel about them, for the time being red light cameras are here to stay. If you have been hit with those pesky tickets, call the Miami Traffic Lawyers of Hochman and Goldin, P.A. Our professional and experienced team has an unmatched track record for effortlessly and inexpensively resolving this issue for our clients.

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