Miami’s Congested Highways

Last week we discussed Thanksgiving traffic in Miami.  Now that it’s less than four days away, travel is significantly ramping up as the day gets closer.  With vehicular transportation remaining the most popular form of travel, the government is reporting that 40 percent of delays will be caused by bottlenecks, the term commonly used to refer to traffic that ends up coming to a near standstill due to congestion.  With South Florida’s perennial traffic issues, several roadways have made the American Highway Users Alliance’s list of most congested points.

The Palmetto Expressway, or State Road 826 is frequently congested, and the stretch between 41st and the Dolphin Expressway—also known as State Road 836—recently made the 20th spot.  Speaking of the Dolphin Expressway, the stretch between 72nd Avenue and the Palmetto also made the list at number 32.

Collectively, these delays and others like the stretch between 17th Ave and 22nd Avenue (39th place) account for over $20 million in lost time each year, a total of 1.4 annual hours.  Improvements are ongoing to try and alleviate South Florida traffic and reduce the odds of a bottleneck but congestion will likely remain an issue.  If you do plan on driving this Thanksgiving, make sure you are patient and aware of your surroundings so you and your family stay safe on the roads.

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