Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Flat Fee for Civil Infractions

Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Flat Fee for Civil Infractions

Hochman and Goldin, P.A. is celebrating now celebrating their 19 year anniversary of serving your traffic ticket needs. In honor of this milestone, they are now offering a flat fee of $69 for any civil traffic infraction incurred in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. These include tickets for speeding, careless driving, improper passing, stop signs, red lights, and failure to yield. Their Miami traffic ticket lawyers can be hired by phone (305-665-1000), fax (305-661-7244), email (, mail, or personally visit our office location at 9703 South Dixie Highway Suite #202, Miami, Florida 33156. Services are also available in Spanish.

The Hochman and Goldin Ticket Law Firm advises clients on eliciting their services as quickly as possible, since civil infractions must be responded to within 30 days of the ticket issue date. The firm assures clients that it will provide an attorney upon request, that clients will receive no points on their license or receive a full refund (provided no other tickets are received within one year), and that attorneys will attend all courtroom appearances in place of the clients.

Additionally, the firm recommends that clients don’t pay a ticket, as this is a plea of guilty that will result in points against one’s driving record, the consequences of which can include increased insurance rates, policy cancellation, and possibly license suspension. Choosing traffic school is similarly disadvantageous, as it will still require clients to pay their ticket, attend traffic school, or accept an infraction on their driving record.

About Scott Hochman and Sunny Goldin:
Scott Hochman and Sunny Goldin, both alumni from University of Miami School of Law, have each been practicing law in Florida for over 19 years. Their firm has handled more than 180,000 traffic citations in the courts of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and also represents clients on misdemeanor criminal cases. Additionally, they provide services in helping to seal or expunge criminal misdemeanor records.

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