Miami Traffic Has Gotten Even Worse

Perhaps to the surprise of no one, a recent study reported by the Miami News Times has verified what so many Miami drivers already suspect: the streets are a lot more crowded and congested than they used to be.

Miami’s congestion level last year was 27 percent, meaning the average trip takes about 27 percent longer than it would if there were no traffic. And although Miami remains in seventh place in America, it’s up from 24 percent in the 2014 rankings — a 3 percent increase. (This year’s study used data from 2014, while last year’s obviously used 2013 numbers.)

Of course, traffic congestion gets much worse during rush hour.

The study shows the absolute worst time to be on the road is Thursday during evening rush hour. The traffic congestion level then is 60 percent — meaning your 30-minute trip home actually takes 48 minutes. That’s up significantly from last year, when the worst time to be on the road was Friday-evening rush hour, when traffic congestion peaked around 55 percent.

If you think you can avoid the problem by sticking to back roads, then you will only get you so far (literally): the data show that non-highway roads are even worse, with congestion at 36 percent versus 14 percent.

The analysis even showed which day in 2014 suffered the worst traffic: November 21 (a Monday, appropriately). That was the day that the large reconstruction project around the Dolphin-Palmetto interchange forced day traffic patterns to change wildly – a shift that has occurred recently and may happen once more in the future (though if it is any consolation, the project is ultimately supposed to reduce congestion).

For more consolation, at least Miami doesn’t hold a candle to perennial worst traffic winner Los Angeles, which continues to top the charts. In fact, Miami’s traffic is fairly tame by global standard: out of 146 metro areas studied, Miami ranked 66th, and L.A. 10th; Istanbul, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro took the top spots.

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