Miami List Of Worst Traffic Rates

With its rich culture and beautiful climate, Miami is booming more than ever – but with that growth comes an urban sprawl that is increasingly difficult to navigate. You don’t have to be in Miami for long to notice one of its more unpleasant characteristics: the often unbearable traffic.

This was confirmed by the Annual Traffic Index compiled by GPS maker TomTom and reported in The Fiscal Times. Utilizing the data from its devices, the company measured travel times during the whole day, including peak periods, and compared them with travel times during non-congested hours.

Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles tops the list, with 30-minute commuters spending an annual average of 90 hours a year sitting in traffic. Overall travel times in the city are around 36 percent longer than they would be without delays, and a whopping 75 percent longer during the evening rush hour. Efforts to reduce its car-centric culture notwithstanding, LA’s congestion has only gotten worse over the years, rising 2 points from 2012 to 2013.

As for Miami, it comes in at seventh place, with the highway congestion level at 12 percent and non-highway congestion at 32 percent. This compares with 50 percent for Honolulu, 35-40 percent for New York City, and 31 percent for Portland. Miami also had the distinction of being one of the few East Coast cities with the worst traffic.

It could be worse: TomTome found Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to have worst traffic in the entire Western Hemisphere, with Mexico City and Sao Paulo also beating L.A.

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