Miami Drivers Spend Hundreds of Thousands Commuting

driveCompared to a metropolis like New York City with its robust, intricate subway system, Miami’s public transit is comparably lacking. Most South Florida drivers spend a great deal of their time on the road sitting in traffic. If you’ve ever wondered how all of this translates in terms of money, here’s something to think about the next time you’re heading to or from work: the cost of commuting for Miami drivers averages around $122,000 during their lifetime.

A report released by the driver safety website EducatedDriver released the report that shows the people of Miami drive more than 170,000 miles during the work commute during their lifetime. To give you a rough idea of just how much that is, it’s like traveling around the world more than five times. The report shares some interesting figures including the average roundtrip commute (seventeen miles), and costs broken down between different vehicle types like SUVs and sedans.

While the numbers for Miami may seem shocking, 305 drivers can find some small degree of solace in knowing that we didn’t rank in the top spot for the highest commuting costs in Florida. That honor is bestowed to our northern neighbors Orlando and Jacksonville.

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