Miami-Dade police detective accused of stealing from drivers during traffic stops

Miami-Dade police William Kostopoulos was accused of making three traffic stops in order to steal driver’s money and other property. He was indicted on charges of using his law enforcement authority to violate motorists’ civil rights, in addition to make misleading statements to prevent authorities from finding out about the alleged crimes.

Miami-Dade police Sgt. John Barrow said Kostopoulos, a 17-year veteran, is on paid leave. Also, J.D Patterson, Miami-Dade Police Director, explained “to effectively carry out our sworn duty to protect the physical safety and the constitutionally granted rights of our residents, law enforcement officers need the trust and confidence of the community.”

At the moment the case is being investigated with an alliance made by the FBI with the Homestead Police Department. This situation negatively impacts the public opinion about this profession, making the job of the officers more difficult.

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