Miami-Dade Has Modernized Its Traffic Tickets

hochman goldinWe’re putting our blog on rewind and going back to a noteworthy Miami Herald article published back in January. Miami-Dade County is evolving with the times and has instituted an “eCitation” system that does away with the traditional paper tickets in favor of a digital version. If you’ve received a ticket recently and wondered why an officer is doing so much button pressing, it may be because they’re typing you up versus writing you up.

The eCitation system is intended to improve accuracy as well as efficiency. The system goes a long way in addressing common issues such as carbon copies that are hard to read or attempting to decipher the handwriting of an officer which can, in some cases, be used as a reason to dismiss a ticket. The system also assists the county by cutting down on the chances of paper tickets getting lost.

With the new system, the officer types up the ticket, files it directly through their computer, and hands the driver a clear printout. The process significantly reduces the time it takes to “write up” a ticket. Should they choose not to fight the ticket, drivers will also be able to pay their tickets online in as little as 24 hours.

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