Miami-Dade Explores Solutions For Traffic Woes

It is no surprise to any driver in Miami-Dade that the problem of traffic congestion is reaching an unfathomable level. The issue dominates conversation among coworkers or really anyone who has to be somewhere at a certain time. We are increasingly giving L.A. a run for its money! (Though believe it or not, Miami is still far from the City of Angels – so far.)

Unfortunately, the long-term prognosis is not good. Planners and infrastructure experts say that congestion is likely to be a perennial problem for the rest of the city’s existence. There is just no room for highway expansion, operations and maintenance budgets at both the state and local level are several strained, and the city just keeps on growing.

This is not to say that some steps aren’t being taken. The Florida Department of Transportation is installing toll lanes on all its interstate highways to reduce backlogs while raising needed funds, while intelligent traffic signals now being tested that can react to real-time congestion. The $400 million reconstruction of the Dolphin/State Road 836 east of the Red Road exit will eventually squeeze in an extra lane in each direction, but that actually will do little to help things – in fact, it only invites more driving and thus, in the long-term, more traffic.

So what about circumventing traffic altogether and looking at alternative means, like much touted rail transit? Well so far the local transit agency is putting most of its effort into a premium bus route that will begin running on the Dolphin Expressway in 2017. It is also implementing Bus Rapid Transit – buses that basically act like trains in terms of running in dedicated lanes and stopping at mini station for rapid boarding, yet are much cheaper to invest. These may operate in the area once designated for Metrorail expansion, like Flagler Street, Kendall Drive and Northwest 27th Avenue.

Speaking of which, there is yet to be any serious talk of Metrorail expansion, unless you count Miami-Dade commissioners looking into piggybacking on the privately owned CSX freight-train line that runs along the Dolphin Expressway. The $532 million plan to build a light-rail link between Miami and Miami Beach is still coming into fruition, and may take a decade to come to pass. The so-called Tri-Rail Coastal Link, which supplement the existing line by adding service on the FEC tracks to the east.

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