Miami-Dade County Partners With IBM to Reduce Traffic Woes

According to a report in Miami Today, Miami-Dade County is currently in discussions with technology giant IBM to see how the county can improve its traffic flow.

One of the points of discussion in how to improve the traffic system is adding a smart traffic system that will coordinate based on immediate traffic conditions. Currently, traffic lights are coordinated based on historical data, meaning they change based on general traffic trends at certain times of the day.

The problem with this system is that it does not take into account unforeseen circumstances, meaning if an accident or an unusual event occurs, the traffic light patterns stay the same as before regardless of the incident. The new traffic systems are able to actively monitor traffic and change patterns base on current conditions rather than historical trends, meaning it is constantly optimizing traffic lights for the best flow of cars. If this system is put into place, it will take several years to complete.

Such a system could greatly reduce traffic particularly during rush hour or when there’s unexpected events that cause traffic back-up. But this isn’t the only way the city hopes to alleviate traffic. The city says that it is looking into the possibility of developing or promoting carpool apps that would make it easy for users to find people who they can share rides with. It is also looking at other opportunities to expand public transit including the possibility of light rail.

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