Miami Beach’s Anti-Flood Pumps to Prevent Flooding Roads

In October of 2014, the City of Miami Beach installed pumps meant to keep streets and roads dry during the city’s highest tides of the year.

The installation of this project took weeks, as construction crews worked overtime to install pump stations to keep the annual “King Tide” at bay.

The “King Tide” happens when the gravitational pull from the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon raises the ocean. As we know, in the recent past, waters have inundated streets, flooded business, as well as homes. These type of situations have also affected pedestrians and drivers, as they have had to get through the flooded streets to get around the city.

These efforts to diminish the flooding is just beginning, as the city has allotted $300 to $400 million to install 50 pumps over the coming years.

This is very necessary as some of the lowest lying neighborhoods have been flooded so badly in the past that they had to close from water damage.

The pumps were chosen for this issue because higher sea walls aren’t an option since a lot of the flooding is caused by water rising underfoot through porous limestone bedrock. Though, it is said that the pumps, which pump water back into the ocean is just a short-term solution, since saltwater pumps only last about 10 years and then become obsolete.

According to Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales, “We’ve created the infrastructure so we can install better pumps once they’re available.”

The pumps are a step in the right direction in preventing car and traffic trouble in the city during “King Tide.” But when it comes to legal help in dealing with speeding tickets, traffic citations, and the more, than the Miami Traffic Layers of Hochman & Goldin, P.A. have you covered.  To get connected with one of  a Miami Traffic Attorney at our firm, contact (305) 665-100 or email


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