Miami Beach Parking Gets More Expensive

During the weekends, holidays or special events, navigating through South Beach can become a painstaking chore, causing headaches as traffic builds up due to the number of drivers seeking curbside parking.  To try and address this issue, street parking prices are being increased throughout the entire barrier island of Miami Beach, though the South Beach area will be seeing the largest hike in rates.

Drivers will now pay $4 per hour instead of the typical $1.75.  Surface lots also saw a small increase to $2 from $1.75.  Within the Mid-Beach area between 23rd to 44th Street near Indian Creek Drive and Collins, meters now charge drivers $3 instead of $1 and the hours were also extended from 9 am to 3 am.  Within this area, surface lots are now charging $2.

Although parking garages are not seeing any price increases and will stay at $1, the monthly rates for city garages did increase from $70 to $100.

The purpose of the intentional price increases according to Miami Beach city commissioners is to avoid traffic tie-ups.  Based on research, between thirty to forty percent of drivers circle a block multiple times looking for curb or street side parking to avoid the annoyance of a parking garage, causing unnecessary traffic.

It’s important to stress that Miami Beach residents will still enjoy discounted parking throughout the city of $1 per hour at meters and lots.  They will also have the ParkMobile app transaction fee waived.

The funds for these new rates will be applied towards synchronizing traffic lights, improving the existing free trolley system and additional parking garages.

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