Make a Decision Regarding Your Traffic Ticket

road-car-driving-bike-asphalt-vehicle-284927-pxhere.comLet’s say that you ended up receiving a traffic ticket. You now have a thirty-day grace period of sorts to determine how you wish to address the ticket. You may decide to pay the fine and have points added to your license, you could attend traffic school and have the points removed, or you may decide to contest the ticket.

We encourage you to seek the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney to help fight the ticket but for purposes of this blog, let’s say that you did not make a decision within those thirty days. Should this happen, you may find yourself facing severe consequences. For example, you could have your license suspended, preventing you from legally operating a vehicle.

If you’re outside of the thirty-day grace period by a day or two, contact the clerk of court as soon as you can. You may be able to explain the situation and avoid license suspension as well as any extra fines that may be tacked on.

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