Major Changes Coming to the Miami-Dade Courts

deathRowWill you be heading to the courthouse to take care of business such as paying your traffic ticket in person? If so, you may want to be aware of some significant changes that might not agree with your schedule if time is limited.

Beginning on the 8th, the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts office will be eschewing its staff front counters at several courthouse branches throughout the county, including Coral Gables, the northern Dade area, and more. In other words, should you need to take care of something, you’ll probably have to visit the main justice building located in the downtown area of Miami. Because of these new rules, it may be a good idea to take into account the likely possibility of long lines and wait times before visiting. Also keep in mind that the courthouse will remain open from 9:30 am to 3 pm.

On top of the closings, live phone clerks will not be available. Any business that you need to do through a phone will require the use of the automated phone system. You may also use online resources.

We may be able to assist with obtaining certain documents such as copies of your traffic ticket or clearance forms you may need. Give us a call, perhaps we can help!

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