Long Dreaded Traffic Flow Change Postponed

It seems that not a day goes by in Miami without its notoriously bad traffic getting made worse by one project or another (which ironically are usually intended to eventually improve traffic in the long-term).

That’s why any reprieve will no doubt be welcomed, and luckily for those who take the major Dolphin Expressway (aka State Road 836), they will enjoy a weeklong break from a planned shift in traffic flow. As The Miami Herald reported:

Traffic engineers were gearing up for the change to start Monday at 5 a.m., a move that would have forced drivers to take a different exit to get to West Flagler Street and NW 87th Avenue, if driving west on 836.

But on Friday, project spokesman Oscar González said the shift had been postponed until next weekend because of rain Thursday afternoon disrupted workers’ plans to prepare the roadway for the traffic shift Monday.

Currently, drivers on westbound 836 who are headed to West Flagler and 87th Avenue exit ramps stay on the right lanes of the highway, go past the 72nd Avenue exit ramp and then look for their respective exits.

Note that once the shift finally commences, those going westbound on 836 will have to exit at the 72nd Ave. ramp and then stay to the left to access a new temporary ramp lane that will take them to 87th Ave. and West Flagler St.

This arrangement will remain for an estimated five months as workers continue to carry out the various improvement projects planned, including demolishing an old bridge. Here’s hoping it all pays off in the end.

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