Local Business Leaders Rally Against Traffic Woes

According to a study by INRIX, a traffic solution consultancy, the average South Florida spends around 37 hours a year stuck in traffic – that is about a full day-and-a-half. But Miami’s clogged and every-worsening roadways aren’t just an inconvenience; they’re bad for business as well, slowing down commuting workers, delivers, and commerce.

The Miami Herald reported that the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, which recently opened is annual two-day conference, has gone so far as to put this matter at the top of its agenda:

“The future of transportation in Miami is not about the highway,” said Javier Rodriguez, executive director of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. “It’s about choices.”
Rodriguez and other panelists discussed solutions and funding sources that could address Miami’s traffic problems. Miami’s car culture will be difficult to penetrate, but County Commissioner Esteban Bovo said he dreams of a day when a student from Hialeah can get to Florida International University via mass transit.

The problem isn’t just traffic, but the lack of alternatives: most South Floridans (and for that matter tourists) have no choice but to navigate the crowded roadways. The area is one big sprawl, and neither the rail or bus systems can accommodate the distance or the demand. Cars remain the only way to go, especially with local funding lacking.

Indeed, one panel member conceded this much when asked how much political will there is to deal with transportation problems – “None” was his honest reply. But as the region continues to grow in both economic and demographic importance, the increasing strain may reach a breaking point, perhaps culminating in getting state and federal funds and initiatives involved.

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